Why residential plots in Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore are most chosen ones?

Ongoing plot project in North Bangalore Prestige Marigold, why invest?

Bangalore is one cosmopolitan city that is constantly seen as the most in-demand commercial and residential hub. Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not diminish the moods of plot buyers deep on buying plots in Bangalore.

This enthusiasm of buyers encouraged real estate developers to come up with more options for residential plots. 

In fact, several latest trends have been emerging in North Bangalore’s property investment developments as residential plots. Homebuyers have been showing interest in investing in residential plots in North Bangalore, which has forced real estate builders to work on this demand.

The most trustworthy name in the real estate sector- Prestige Group, has come up with a residential plot project in North Bangalore and named it Prestige Marigold. Loads of reasons have been listed behind this increased demand among buyers searching to invest in Bangalore.

Most of the buyers wish for residential plots for appealing reasons, while others go in for better resale value. Further, intelligent buyers have valued the positives and negatives of owning plots or apartments and finalized that a residential plot would match their requirements more than an apartment. 

Both apartments and plots have positives and negatives depending on the individual’s requirements. As for buyers searching for residential plots in North Bangalore, they will surely be awestruck by the below-mentioned aspects of Prestige Marigold:


The most attractive thing about purchasing a residential plot, no matter it is to live or for investment, is the flexibility or freedom it proposes.

If the owner of the apartment plans for renovation, there are very less options one can do unlike in your own independent plot.

Reorganizing again is something that is very tough to be done in an apartment, but if you are owning a plot, you can plan for any sort of renovation or reconstruction very smoothly.

Further, investors are well informed of it, and they know that if sometime in the future they plan to sell their home, a plot is what will raise them an attractive deal. 

Free to construct based on your way

As a possessor of a plot, you do not require any permission to construct your home the way you wish for. Investing in such an adobe will surely pay off in the coming future, hence buyers prefer to purchase a plot more.

Moreover, homebuyers know they can beautify the interior of their home based on their sentiment content, and no one would be there to raise objections.

Growth of resale value

The growth of the resale value of plots is primed to raise and produce higher profits. Owners of plots in Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore are witnessing a sharp rise in the resale value of their plots.

It is something that is not going out of trend, as plots are a limited resource for which buyers always run.

Smooth availability

Residential plots are smoothly available in Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore, hence it is very easy to purchase or re-sell them.

This is one element that buyers study while purchasing a plot. It is not that easy with apartments, therefore residential plots result in a very hands-on and reasonable choice for them.


Prestige Marigold is piled with all top-notch amenities like a well-equipped clubhouse, gym, separate swimming pools for adults & kids, yoga/aerobics deck, and outdoor courts for cricket /badminton/basketball.

Full-fledged facilities of indoor games arena like table tennis /billiards/card room, jogging/walking tracks, kid’s play zone with sandpit, etc. A multi-purpose hall, library, senior citizen zone, landscaped gardens, water features, uninterrupted power & water supply, high-speed lifts, in-house waste management systems, and round-the-clock security monitoring facilities.

Prestige Marigold is beautifully decked with a yoga garden, reflexology parks, billiards, clubhouse, gym, outdoor and indoor gaming zone, senior native’s court, swimming pools, poolside grill party grass, and yoga studio, amphitheater, and many more.

Prestige Marigold is rising as the most opt location for home investors in North Bangalore because of its easy and convenient link to schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, etc. It offers good future appreciation prospects.

Every plot here, regardless of scope, size and complexity, will result to be a zenith of fine living. Prestige Marigold has complete fiber optic connectivity for a smoother and safer lifestyle. Residents of Prestige Marigold, living with world-class amenities, will definitely expect a world-class security system too.

Just sit back and relax because the promoters have aimed to take care of you along with your loved ones and belongings. There is a provision of a 24/7 security monitoring system, gated communities, proper police patrolling in a small radius, etc.

The major point will be connected to CCTV monitoring to guarantee you secure life.

Prestige Group’s premium plot project, Prestige Marigold, is the perfect choice for buyers searching for residential plots in North Bangalore. 

Located in North Bangalore, Prestige Marigold is offering plots of various sizes like 50’ x 40’ i.e. 1360 SQFT, 45’ x 35’ i.e. 1230 SQFT, 60’ x 60’ i.e. 1700 SQFT, 35’ x 55’ i.e. 1580 SQFT and 45’ x 30’ i.e. 1070 SQFT.

Why it is most chosen among plot buyers because it is unique for buyers as it is set up amidst breathtaking greenery and simultaneously offers ultra-modern conveniences.

Amenities like a swimming pool, kids’ play area, a clubhouse with an indoor games room, and a party lawn make it a truly desired project for buyers. 

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