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Things to Know Before Buying a Plot in Bangalore

Things to Know Before Buying a Plot in Bangalore

Things to Know Before Buying a Plot in Bangalore

Investing in a piece of land is always the best financial decision that one ever makes. Land always has its value and it provides a great appreciation value with time.

Buying a plot or land for the first time without any knowledge about the steps and details involved will make it look tougher and more exhausting. Earlier, it was even more difficult as people had no access to any trustful resources.

With the passage of time and technological development, this problem could be overcome with proper research and understanding of the real estate market.

But it is always advised to be extra cautious while purchasing any property that may be land, apartment, villa, or anything. Prestige Marigold Phase 2 is one of the best upcoming plotted development projects coming up in Bangalore.

Bangalore is a perfect place with amazing weather and perfect geography. The city never fails to impress its residents. So, before buying a plot in Bangalore it is essential that you know about the things given below.


This is a crucial factor. Make sure you choose a location that is accessible and close to every social and civic amenity that you require in Bangalore.

The plots in suburban regions will be much cheaper than in a developed city. Before investing anywhere make sure that you do not take advantage of cheap offers in remote areas. Investing in a good location with easy accessibility will increase its appreciation value over years and it is better for your future.

Connectivity is the basic amenity that one must look into before purchasing land. A good location will provide good returns, hence you must be very careful before choosing a location.

Area of the Plot

It is very essential that you know about the area of the plot before you buy land in Bangalore, to make sure that you can build your dream project in your desired location without any trouble.

The city has a vivid change in weather conditions, so make sure to check the quality of the soil and the evenness of the land in the plot, so that it may remain unaffected by the extreme weather conditions in Bangalore.

Value of the Plot

The location, area, and other factors determine the actual value of the plot. Several land valuation systems have been developed to arrive at the true value of the land.

Based on this value the true price of the land is fixed. It is advised that you contact the people living nearby that the given estimated value is right and check it with a verified expert.

Seller Verification

It is very essential that you cross-check the seller so that you can avoid getting involved with a plot that is under some issues. Ensure the seller’s credibility so that there exist no other troubles.

Title Deeds

Always make sure before purchasing a plot that the seller has complete rights over the property. Verify the title deed of the land before the purchase to confirm the seller’s name and their rights to trade the property.

Necessary Approvals by the Local Body

Make sure that you cover all the details of the plot registration process. Purchase a residential plot that has been approved by the local government body and the Bangalore Development Authority.

It is advised to hire a lawyer or a verified expert to ensure that the necessary documents are vetted and approved. Before beginning the construction obtain permission from the authorities.

Before plot registration, one should check with extra care and make sure that every document required for plot registration is in order.

It is ideal to investigate whether all the documents presented by the seller are true to their knowledge and cross-check any document that has to be submitted to the government in order to prevent any trouble that comes your way.

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