Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. has developed a new residential neighbourhood called Prestige Marigold. Bettenahalli, Bangalore is home to this land that is currently on the market. There are lots available in a range of sizes in this development. The minimal level site area is 1200.0 sq. ft. and even the maximum size is 2400.0 sq. ft. Prestige Marigold can be reached at Off, NH 44, Bettenahalli. 

Living in Prestige Marigold guarantees a luxurious and hassle-free way of life. There are amenities like a gym and an emergency generator available. Apart from the pool, there is also a children’s play area, which is great for families with young children. Tennis Court, Skating Rink, Basketball Court, and Golf Course are also available for use. The project also includes Internet/Wi-Fi access for the residents. Fire sprinklers are installed throughout the building. Safety is ensured at all times. In addition, Landscaping and Tree Planting are made available. 

The Punjab National Bank and the Union Bank of India both grant home loans with no problems. RERA has given its blessing to this parcel of land being offered for residential development. 

The prestigious Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. was founded in 1986. Since then, 167 have been added to the company’s repertoire, and the organisation has become increasingly customer-oriented. The brochure for the Prestige Marigold can be seen here. 

Bettenahalli is a suburb of Bangalore that is conveniently connected to the rest of the city by a main thoroughfare. This residential development is conveniently close to several amenities, including several major shopping centres, movie theatres, schools, and hospitals.

Because of Prestige Marigold’s prime location, you’ll be close to all the conveniences a global citizen needs. Tucked away from the bustle of the city but still close enough to walk to the shops and restaurants. 

Roads and Pathways

  • Designed to be an imposing facade in keeping with the building’s classical aesthetic, 
  • Inside the city limits, there is a road that is 12 metres wide and 6 metres long, with a carriageway of 6 metres wide and asphalted driveways on either 
  • The asphalted driveways lead off of a 9-meter-wide interior road with a 5.5-meter-wide carriageway. 
  • All sidewalks and walkways will be finished with concrete. 
  • both sides of the street are flanked by landscaped boulevards 
  • The driveways leading to each plot are paved in concrete.


  • Lighting-Emitting Diode (LED) Streetlights 
  • Power lines running underground to bring electricity from transformer yards to feeder pillars 
  • Fibre optic cables run underground to carry data and voice 
  • The feeder pillars are set up to receive power from the transformer, and outlets are placed onsite at the site’s main control panel.


  • Common landscape irrigation system 
  • Domestic water for use in sinks and showers, as well as water that can be used for flushing and watering plants, is supplied by a dual water supply system in the ground via UPVC pipes. 
  • The plots’ water and sewage lines will be connected to their interiors. 
  • A sewage treatment plant (STP) with buried sewage lines 
  • OHT & UG a large enough sump with a high enough pressure


  • Facility for treating wastewater from houses and businesses 
  • Structure for purifying water, including a buried storage tank 
  • Decomposer for Organic Waste

Safety and Security

  • Cabin securing the front door 
  • RFID boom barrier entrance system 
  • The front and back doors, as well as the service yards and playground, are all monitored by CCTV.

Water conservation

  • Water that has been purified for use in irrigation systems and toilets is used everywhere. 
  • Rainwater collection pits

Landscape features

  • The cultivation of gardens in urban settings. 
  • Incorporating low-maintenance plant material into avenue planting for internal and external roadways 
  • Every single one of those lights out there is for enhancing the hardscape and softscape of your property.
Prestige Marigold Phase 2 Plots

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