Prestige Marigold – Residential plots one should prefer to buy

Prestige Marigold - Residential plots one should prefer to buy

Whether the purpose of purchasing a residential plot is an investment or for self-use, the plot purchaser always selects very keenly the piece of plot that he desires to obtain.

Many of us are possibly clear about which type of plot is worth investing in and constructing a house and which is not. However, most buyers ignore the elements that make an awesome piece of plotless beneficial.

Prestige Group, India’s foremost real estate giant, has promoted numerous residential projects in Bangalore, and Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore is one of them. Plots in Prestige Marigold have high resale value because of their location.

Let us take a look at plots in Prestige Marigold that are surely a worthy investment for residential purposes and the factors that dominate why these plots are more in demand and have more potential for upcoming productivity.

Proximity to commercial hubs

Walking distance from the nearest market saves stress and fuel costs, so plots close to commercial hubs are more desirable.

Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore is in proximity to various shopping arcade-like Inorbit Mall, Lido Mall, Vishal Mega Mart, and Big Bazaar. Its neighborhood is surrounded by reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, fuel stations, supermarkets, and many more.

Plots facing an open area

Because of the landscaped greens in the foreground and the area where there will never be any structures in front of your plot in Prestige Marigold, overlooking gardens from your owned plot is more valuable. Having a beautiful green area right in front of the house is worth a large amount. 

Prestige Marigold residential plot project is filled with a jogging park, and lush green gardens and is designed in proximity to proper open spaces which are shaped to create extremely beautiful parks, courtyards, water streams, well-maintained gardens, and trees all around.

Parks nearby can be a perfect spot for a family get-together or friendly gatherings. Appropriately aligned trees for walking tracks are a few steps away from your home. 

Amenities – Prestige Marigold is well equipped with all modern amenities including a spacious clubhouse which can surely attract you with a fully equipped Gym, Tennis Court, badminton court, squash court, snooker, table tennis, mini theatre, large swimming pool with separate kid’s pool, children’s play area and several indoor games.

The provision Central Command Center is set up which will act as the brain of this residential complex. Coordinating and monitoring all the components of Prestige Marigold will be done here.

The major function of the center will be the smart electric grid, weather station, water management system, air quality measurement, cooking gas distribution, solid waste management, security management, street light automation, etc.

The concept of smart living is an integrated one at Prestige Marigold, with smart enablers for water, electricity, sewage, transport, and many more.

At Prestige Marigold, priority is given to conserving and preserving resources that the city uses to maintain a smarter and more sustainable place to live in.

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