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Prestige Marigold, located in North Bangalore, is a well-known housing development by the Prestige Groups. Three different plot sizes are included: 50′ x 40′ (1350 square feet), 45′ x 35′ (1230 square feet), and 60′ x 60′ (1700 square feet). In addition to the standard 35′ x 55′ (1580 square feet), we also offer 45′ x 30′ (1070 square feet) and 50′ x 70′ (2560 square feet). These plots have been meticulously planned to eliminate any issues that a buyer might have. 

The Prestige Builders adhere to all regulations, and the RERA and other legal procedures are still in progress. This spot will quickly rise to the top of your list. The breathtaking vistas from the projects’ most remote spots are a key part of the overall design. Famous architects have worked hard to meet the increasing demands. The plans have been sanctioned by Vaastu Shastra experts. 

The property’s master plan is beautiful, and it’s located in a prime North Bangalore location, just 2.5 km from Stonehill International school and the Padukone- Dravid Center for Sports Excellence. The 80+ acre development will feature over a thousand individual plots ranging in size from 1200 to 2400 square feet (30’x40′, 30’x50′, 40’x60′). In addition to the standard square and rectangular plots, the developers also offer alternatives. 

Roads with widths of 9 metres for parking and 12 metres for driveways are also part of the plan. Pedestrian walkways have been installed for the protection of locals. To implement and maintain additional concerns and privacy, individual plots are provided with their entrance and exit. Most public areas are monitored continuously by CCTV cameras, which provide round-the-clock security. Customer services are available around the clock to help you out. 

The combination of these features and the property’s other amenities gives the home a luxurious air. The safety of the gated community eliminates the need to leave your home to go to work or pursue personal interests. Everything you could need is right there on the premises. Residents can unwind in nature amid the beautiful scenery, which includes landscapes and open general gardens. 

The property is in high demand because of its extensive collection of desirable features and amenities and the quality of its supporting infrastructure. Space is maximised, ventilation is optimal, and natural light is used to the fullest extent possible to promote airflow. In addition, there are numerous places to have fun, such as a party lawn, children’s playground, skating rink, cricket pitch, and many others. 

Some of the best features included in the master plan are the intelligent designs with ample green and open space between each resource, the enormous clubhouse, and the many indoor activities. There’s a beautiful garden and yoga deck on the premises. The architecture is beautiful, and the courtyards are a delight. 

Prestige Marigold, a luxury plotted development project in Bangalore North, is currently under construction by the highly esteemed Prestige Group. There are over a thousand plots available in this project, which are spread out over an area of 80 acres. These lots are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices to accommodate a broad spectrum of buyers’ preferences and budgetary constraints. The project’s plots are beautifully and meticulously conceived, and they will be planned and developed using cutting-edge methods and premium materials.

This planned community is designed to accommodate your every desire and is presently awaiting RERA approval. This meticulously planned community features lushly landscaped pedestrian walkways and roads measuring 9 and 12 metres in width, respectively. Such enhancements make the home more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. And it drastically alters the public’s perception of roads within gated communities.

This township, designed by some of the most renowned architects in the world to adhere to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, will feature extensive landscaping and green spaces. To respect the individuality of each resident, each plot has its own set of keys that can be used to enter and leave the plot. The development’s generous green and open areas will help residents recharge their batteries after the hectic pace of city life. Prestige Marigold is a township that emphasises and provides amenities that promote a clean and healthy way of life. Intelligent planning went into the construction of the Prestige marigold, allowing for plenty of space for plants and open space between infrastructure. There is a private clubhouse and other facilities within the township that were built with residents’ utmost convenience in mind.

There is a cricket field, a children’s playground, jogging and walking paths that span the entire township, a skating rink, and a community gathering space, among other amenities. All of these features are strategically placed so that they are easily accessible to all of the area’s residents, and they are dotted liberally throughout the area amongst plenty of parks and lawns that have been meticulously manicured. A variety of water features and other design elements are sprinkled throughout the planned community, giving it a pleasant visual texture.

Access to the community is controlled at strategic points, and the community is under constant surveillance owing to CCTV. Security guards who are experts in their field and have access to cutting-edge technology are on duty around the clock to keep you and your loved ones safe. This includes keeping tabs on anyone entering or leaving the township. Prestige Marigold’s location is ideal, as it is only 2.5 kilometres from both Stonehill International School and the Padukone- Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, two other notable local infrastructure projects.

The spacious residential lots are beautifully designed with ample room between each plot. Lots are large enough to accommodate a minimum of three BHKs, as well as a private garden. 

The lot sizes have been meticulously planned so that only the most luxurious of residences can be built there. Modern architectural buildings or homes built on the land will drastically alter the visual aesthetic of these plans. Once the plan is finished, the Prestige marigold will be more valuable than it is now.

Prestige Marigold Phase 2 Plots

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