Importance of Location in a Real Estate Investment

Importance of Location in a Real Estate Investment

Investing in Real Estate is one of the most crucial financial decisions that one ever makes. Many times, this is a one-time investment so, many aspects must be carefully considered before the investment. Out of these the most crucial one is finding a location.

This is a rhetorical term that we hear we hear when it comes to real estate investment. Thus, it is identified as the most important factor in a real estate investment. With the improvement and development in technology, one could get their hands on any information they need at any time.

So, before finding the perfect location to invest one must do thorough research and understand the locations they are considering investing in to get a proper idea about everything that is in the location.

Importance of a Location

The location of the home is the single most important factor which much is considered before buying a home. It can directly affect your home and property value. Having a great location can make things easier when it comes time to sell it.

Location is the key factor that transports the initial investment into a profitable investment in the future. Apart from the appreciation value, while choosing a property always try to invest in an area where there is no lack of essential amenities.

These essential amenities include well-equipped health care facilities, reputed educational institutions, provision for shopping as well as entertainment and recreation. Prestige Marigold in North Bangalore is a great opportunity to invest in plots with great ROI.

This availability of sound social infrastructure will significantly affect the rate of appreciation value of the location. An ideal residential location is one with sound social infrastructure projects that are developing and are available within easy reach.

If a buyer is looking for a residential property to investing, the common factors which must be checked before purchasing are the status of the neighborhood, access to clean water, safety, facilities and amenities available, and many more.

Transportation facilities must also be considered which will make your life easier. Check for the proximity of the property with the transportation hubs nearby, its proximity to major highways, markets and warehouses, etc.

The factors which must be considered before investing in a location are as follows:


A neighborhood is always a matter of personal choice. However, a neighborhood must have a few factors in common such as accessibility, amenity, and appearance which can make it worth investing in.

A great neighborhood should also include essential amenities such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Look for reputed schools in this area as this can improve the value of your home.


The future developments in an area also matter to a great extent just as the public amenities. Plans for new schools, hospitals, public transportation, and other civic infrastructure can significantly improve the value of the property area in meantime.

Lot Location

Make sure to consider the exact location of the property. Buying a property on a busy road or very close to a highway, can help you generate initial gains but it may be difficult to sell it in the future.

Also, if a house stands next to or back onto any commercial property such as a grocery store or gas station or any area with an unusual amount of traffic created by parked cars, this may also affect the value of the property.

In fact, if a house stands next to a wonderful view or water bodies, it will fetch a huge profit while selling it. Thus, make sure to check these factors and do the necessary requirements.

Crime Rates

While assessing the location, make sure to check the rates of crime in that area and the neighborhood around. Safety must be considered while living anywhere. No one prefers to live in a community where there is a high level of crime and risks.

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