Building vs Buying a Home; Which Should You Choose?

When you are ready to settle in a place, you plan to invest in a property at that location. There are many ways in which you can invest in a home. Some prefer buying an already existing home and others want to build a home of their own from scratch. This is a personal choice that one could choose according to your needs and requirement. However, each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages which must be seriously considered. Owning a home is a huge investment and a way too big a financial decision. The following is a guide that will help you choose between building or buying a home if you are confused in deciding what will work for you. Prestige Marigold Phase 2 is set to launch soon, it is a plotted development project.


It is very much convenient in buying an existing property rather than building one. When you buy an already existing property you are entirely free from the hustle and bustle of managing all the details that go along with building from start to finish. You do not have to worry about the land acquisition, registration, hiring contractors, daily monitoring of the construction, and everything that undergoes within the construction of the property.

If you are building a property a lot of stress undergoes during the process as you must find the perfect land, prepare the land, decide on the home layout, hire the builders, manage them throughout, choose the exterior and interior designs, and fittings. During the construction process, a lot of challenges come on your way and you must be ready to face them beforehand. Managing all these details along with staying within the budget requires a lot of time and effort.


It is cheaper to buy an existing home rather than build a new one. This is true in most cases and you can save yourself some money while you plan to buy a house. While you are planning to buy a house you can compare different properties offering different prices and choose the best deal which is within your budget.

One of the major drawbacks of building a home is that it is higher in cost. The cost is mainly due to the building materials, excavation, permits, and infrastructure, major appliances, and loans. You can get the estimated amount of the building materials and other costs ahead but it may not be true to the actual value and the total cost could get higher than the estimated cost.

Absolute Control

While building your own home you can have absolute control over your property and this is one of the biggest advantages that you will get by doing so. You can get exactly what you want. You get to personalize every detail of the house to match your lifestyle from the layouts, flooring, and painting to lighting and all the interior designs. You do not have to compromise on anything when it comes to building your own home. You can control and customize everything.

When it comes to buying an already existing home you may not get exactly what you want and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of buying a home. It may be difficult to find a home that matches your personality and your desires. Many times, you will not be able to renovate certain areas of your house and will not be able to change the exterior if the house belongs to any certain gated communities.


Today properties that lower the utility bills are more common and if you are building a new home, you can make sure that your home is built with more efficiency – energy and environment saving. There are various ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your home. You have the choice to make changes throughout the construction to ensure the efficiency of your house. This is not possible if you are planning to buy an existing home as it will been built long ago and will not have any modern facilities.
Apart from these, there are many other factors that make buying or building a home more complicated or uncomplicated.

The time needed for the completion of a property as well as for the search for a perfect home will take a certain amount of time. Choosing to build a house or buy a new one has both positives and negatives. It must completely depend on your personal choice and situation. Buying a home is less stressful whereas if you are building a home, you must take complete responsibility.

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