What to buy – a plot or an apartment?

What to buy – a plot or an apartment?

It is a common concept of confusion of making an investment in a plot or in an apartment. Truly speaking, these both have merits and demerits but some of the major aspects we will mention here can help you make a decision.

We know you may pick to buy an apartment but on other hand also fascinated with purchasing a plot, where you can construct your home according to your design and requirement.

Let Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore help you slightly in making a decision between a plot and an apartment by mentioning some important factors.

  • Return Value – We all know that plots are less available than apartments hence their value increases fast with the development of their nearby areas and suitability to live in the surrounding. A good example of the best locality is Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore. The value of apartments increases but at slower rates as compared with plots. Appreciation rates also depend on the amenities provided by the apartment.
  • Construction litheness – One can construct own home on a plot according to the personal choice of design and requirement. In the apartment, you are not free to make any structural changes, no matter, what you need in the future. The only thing a resident can make changes is its interiors.
  • Possession – In the case of a plot, you don’t need to wait for the completion of any sort of construction i.e. you will get possession immediately. Prestige Marigold provides you the opportunity to buy a plot with hassle-free formalities in a prime location in North Bangalore. Whereas in an apartment, possession depends on the deadline and the completion of the project.
  • Income generated – Plots cannot generate income till it is sold out or it is rented or any construction is done. The apartment can generate regular income if given on rent.
  • Easy to handle – Any construction in the plot requires an architect, contractors, laborers, and above all, close observation. While in an apartment, everything is set and done by the developer. Occupants just have to think about the interiors when the possession is received.
  • Taxes – All sorts of taxes like property tax, service tax, maintenance charges, etc. are lower or not applicable in plots. In the apartment, property tax, service tax, maintenance charges, etc. are high and mandatory.

With Prestige Marigold, the sky is the limit. A property in Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore is the perfect place for the future, whether it is for you or your loved ones.

Plan a visit and experience the joys of purchasing a plot in North Bangalore.

Hope this article helped you in building your choice between buying a plot or owning an apartment.

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